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Chevrolet Silverado Awarded 2007 Motor Trend's Truck of the Year

The model lifespan of new vehicles is likened to that of the presidential term of office since they usually get voted in every four years however pickups are different being extremely popular in the United States usually stayed for two terms.

Moreover since producing full-size pickups are also immensely profitable, automakers tend to spend more on further improving the quality of their truck parts. Plus they make sure that they employed only the best and brightest product engineers and planners to help them create the next blockbuster pickup that can become the next contender for the next Truck of the Year award. And for this year Motor Trend has chosen two pickup trucks from the stable of the worlds largest automaker---the new Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra.

In choosing the Truck of the Year one of the criteria is significance in which the Silverado scored high. The sales of the two brands tally well, each achieving over a million units year in and out courtesy of the numerous combinations and permutations of cabs, drivetrains, beds, and suspensions offered. The Silverado has also recorded high in terms of sales on both Chevrolet truck accessories and Chevrolet truck parts. Its Chevrolet truck part components are made from high-grade materials---only the best from GM.

Unfortunately, market significance doesnt have that much effect on the Truck of the Year voter base. Each of the truck has to prove its worth and this means passing several tests that are to be conducted by the judges on Motor Trend.

The fresh styling of both trucks have made quite an impression and have successfully differentiates the two trucks from each other. However since its a competition there would always be some features that would make one truck to outshine the other. The Silverados chrome-bisected grille and brawnier square-shouldered quarter panels enhanced the trucks looks. Its interior design is made even more impressive with Chevys fake wood earning higher marks than the Cadillacs timber.

On the other hand, the entry-level dash fitted to Sierra makes it classy. The seats both the front and back provides great support while the interiors hush is so quite that no squeak or rattle can be heard. The new cargo bed earned high marks for utility especially since its equipped with a cargo-management system and spring loaded EZ-Lift tailgate. The judges also appreciated the low sides of the bed which makes it easy to reach unlike the cargo boxes found on the Avalanche/Escalade EXT and the current Ford F-150.

The Silverados 5.3 liter V8 featured fuel-saving displacement on demand and a clever dash readout that indicates if its operating in V4 mode. This boost fuel economy to an EPA rated 16 mpg city/20 mpg for highway. Only the Dodge Ram Hemi is known to offer a similar system however its EPA numbers trail by 1 mpg each.

Some voters also expressed doubts about the overall smoothness of the engine and quality of the four-speed automatics shift but judges at Motor Trend has found the drivetrain of the 2.5 ton four-wheel-drive quite reliable in sprinting to 60 mph in a respectable 8.2 seconds which is 0.3 second faster than a rear-drive 5.4 liter Ford F-150 and 0.4 second quicker than the Dodge Ram Hemi 4x4. And thats not all once loaded with 1050 pound load its sprinting time is only stretched by 1.2 seconds as compared to Ford and Dodge Ram Hemi which took additional 1.3 seconds.

And in a boat towing test conducted the Sierra and the Silverado has showed remarkable toting and towing prowess. The figures obtained by the two GM trucks are just part of the whole story. The Judges were very much impressed with the composure of the Silverado when loaded. The truck didnt ride down on its bump stops and although its front is a little light the truck didnt lose control.

A week long testing has satisfied the Motor Trend judges and the result shows that the new GM full-size pickups have earned excellent marks in terms of superiority front and by limiting the price increase to about $300 on most models, the Chevy and GMC faired well when it comes to Value Category. But since only one truck should be voted as winner all the judges have agreed to award the Motor Trends Truck of the Year for 2007 to the Chevrolet Silverado.

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